Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A Very Busy Week

I had hoped to be showing you lots of pictures from Saturday's craft fair but I was trying to be so efficient making sure that the camera was charged that it got left out of the packing and the snaps I took on my phone are trapped there because I haven't ever tried to upload them and now don't seem to have the relevant means to do so.

The fair went really well, the best one I have done so far. I met some really lovely local people who are regulars on the craft fair scene and they were full of lots of useful information. Thanks to Louise, the lady I was fortunate enough to be positioned next to, I now have an extra fair this week tomorrow night.

The success of Saturday, coupled with the fact that I now have three fairs this week means that I have been flat out trying to replace some of the stock I sold at the weekend. My felt brooches were really popular so I have made lots more and I also have a commission to make up and send out.

This is just a quick visit to remind you I'm here but I promise a proper update next week with  lots of fair pictures. With three events, I'm bound to remember the camera at least once!

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