Tuesday, 22 November 2011

All the Fun of the Fairs

Three craft fairs, three poorly children and a visit from the in-laws. Last week was rather manic and has left me feeling pretty shattered. The craft fairs were all really good though. I sold lots of stuff and met some more lovely people.

My brooches were selling really well. I was making them while I was sitting behind the stall. Some of them got sold within minutes of being finished. I also sold all of the apple pincushions and most of the pears. It was a bit odd seeing the first one I made get chosen, but it's new owner assured me it was going to a good home!

I've got the setting up and taking down of the stall pretty well sussed now, I can even speak whilst doing it and I'm getting less nervous and actually enjoying myself more.

On Sunday, we went out for a lovely walk along the beach and then through the town and back again. We're still having really mild weather in Bournemouth and it was lovely to be outside. As we headed back, the sun was setting and the sky looked brilliant. I took lots of pictures, but none that properly captured what it was like.

 Skies like this make me want to paint. I wish I could!

Usually I make my Christmas cake at Halloween but all the sewing has taken priority. I finally managed to get it done yesterday.

From this to this in only five hours!

Only one more craft fair before Christmas. I really need to get started on the presents I'm making this year, but the children very kindly passed their bug on so I'm taking it easy this week.

Thanks for stopping by,
Beth x


  1. Your stall looks gorgeous and your creations are just beautiful! Loving all the CK fabrics too!

    What gifts are you planning on making? I'm going to do quilted, patchwork cosmetic bags filled with pampering goodies for the MIL and SIL and I can't think of what else to make! What can I do for the males?!

  2. Glad you've done well at your fairs. Your things look lovely. I've got the in-laws visiting too. Hope you are on the mend. x


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