Thursday, 1 March 2012

World Book Day

Parents of primary school children will no doubt be aware that today is World Book Day and children up and down the country have been asked to go to school dressed as a favourite book character.

Sometimes I actually dread this event coming around, but this year wasn't too painful, although we did scrape some elements of the outfit together rather last minute.

Middle son declared his intention to attend the event dressed as a 'Bin Weevil' and did actually give me more than 24 hours notice which made things easier.

Extra legs were created from black leggings stuffed with newspaper and sewn to an old belt, and the nose was a sock stuffed with fibre filling (which I will be reclaiming later) sewn to some elastic. Black face paint finished off the look. I am glad that he will be at school all day as in the twenty minutes he was wearing it at home he managed to smear two walls, a radiator and the cloakroom sink. Don't ask.

Anyway, here is my little Bin Weevil in all his glory

Angela, from This is Wiss is celebrating World Book Week with a week of posts, starting with her own, which you can read here, in which Wiss has a brilliant costume and enjoys a game in the park. Check back through the week for lots of lovely posts from some of our little community. Mine is tomorrow, which includes a treat at the end!

I would love to hear about any of the costumes you have made over the years, so please get in touch, I love receiving your comments and will try to reply where an address or link is given.

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  1. Heehee! He looks great! Luckily on our end both girls wanted to be character's they already had the costumes for (girls always seem to have costumes for every occasion!!) but my eldest son wanted to be Harry Potter and with a crazy weekend of birthdays and the usual stuff I ended up at the machine only last night making him a cloak, and hunting in the dark garden for a suitable wand! *sigh* the things we do for our kids!! Easter Bonnets next!! :D xx

  2. Love the costume, it's great! Only costume I've made so far is to make Izzy a fox costume for Halloween. She still loves to wear it now!
    Oh and thanks for lovely comment about my embroidered badger, it was such fun to stitch!


I really love to receive comments and will try to reply where possible x