Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Knitting, Sewing and some more Knitting

This has been a week of trying to finish off some of the projects that have been patiently waiting for me to return to them. A while back, I showed you the mug cosies from Mollie Makes, and some wool I had bought at Knit and Natter to make one with. As predicted, it wasn't too difficult to accomplish, although upon finishing it I realise that I'm not actually that keen on using one, so I might adapt it to cover a jar instead.

Remember the felt I showed you in the last post? Well I have been having a great time stitching up these little birdies that were such great sellers at the fairs last year. As it is such a lovely day again today I thought I'd take my pictures in the garden.

Finally, I used the book Mum lent me (see here) to whip up these little beauties. They were really easy to make and took hardly any time, or concentration, always a bonus!

My middle son was even impressed, and requested a white version so he could have a 'Mario Ghost'. This was the result, and it's recipient was very pleased with it, praise indeed.

Last week I attended a new knitting group, as well as my regular one. The new one is held in a cafe, so no wool temptation, just cake temptation. I'm not sure which is preferable really. A lovely lady called Vanessa who goes to both groups kindly looked up some beginner crochet patterns for me after witnessing my feeble attempts last week and has offered to talk me through it tomorrow night, so watch this space!

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