Friday, 10 February 2012

The Magpie Hop

After an un-expected break from sewing, where I was beginning to seriously doubt my own sanity, I managed to make another version of the Three Bears Sleeping Bag. This version uses an Aneela Hoey fabric, something I have been wanting to own and use ever since reading Aneela's blog.

Although I am pleased with the finished bed, the perfectionist in me isn't entirely happy with the binding, I'm not sure what I did differently from last time and I used the same size, but there you are. It just confirmed to me that perhaps I'm still not in quite the right mood for sewing yet!

I do definitely feel the urge to create from fabric coming back; I have been making a little list of things I need to and want to make and it keeps growing. Oh, and I did run this up, any guess what it might become?

Knitting is still high on the agenda. I returned to the knit and natter group on Wednesday where the ever-helpful Sue instructed me on button holes and also rescued the sleeve I had been increasing along only one edge. Ooops.

I will finish the cardigan before starting another knitting project, but I have been eyeing up the infinity scarves I keep seeing. For the un-initiated, these are a long continuous loop of knitted loveliness that you can wear either loose or doubled up to keep your neck cosy. Longer ones can even be worn over the head too. I have saved about a dozen patterns on Ravelry but suddenly remembered some lovely wool I bought in  a Hobbycraft sale a few years ago and thought it might fit the bill. I had to cast on a few stitches to see if it would work, and I think it might.

Also on the list is a lovely beanie hat from Jane Brocket's Gentle Art of Knitting. I had been fretting over the suggested yarn (!) for the pattern, as it costs £9.20 for 50g. (as seen here)  Kelli, who has made her own lovely version (see here) assured me that hers was made from plain old  Bonus DK, which comes with a far purse-friendlier price tag of about £1.80 for 100g!

Kelli bought hers here, but it is widely available and since I have some in my stash already my purse can remain firmly closed.

Yesterday, my Mum came over and we had a lovely time looking through some little books she has bought, one of which she kindly lent me. The only thing stopping me from casting on is a lack of teeny tiny DPN's, so I can feel a charity-shop trawl coming on.

In return, Mum left with some wool and a pattern that I had been intending to make up for, ooh about ten years (gulp). The finished cardi won't quite fit my older son now, but I'm sure we can find a home for it somewhere.

I am really having to reign myself in from flitting about between projects. It seems to be in my nature that I spend a concentrated amount of effort on a certain thing before zooming off in a completely different direction, but I am trying to curb it and have started to take action to decrease the amount of un-finished work I've got lying around. I'll let you know how it goes!

Thanks for stopping by,
Beth x


  1. I'm completely struggling with the whole flitting between projects business, far too many ideas and far too little time!!! I'm loving the knitted fruits book!! Although they can't possibly be as lovely as your fabric fruits!! Also looking forward to seeing your progress with the hat...I promise it's easy & enjoyable! :)) xx

  2. Just wanted to let you know that I'd like to pass on the Liebster Blog award to you. Not sure if you have less than 200 followers, but I think your blog is well worth sharing anyway :) There are lots of great ideas, and I love looking through your pictures, hoping that on P J D things :)


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