Thursday, 5 January 2012

Wish List for 2012

I really want to improve my sewing skills further this year and challenge myself to try new things. With that in mind, here is a list of some 'makes' I've got in mind.

1) Sewing Machine Cover. My second machine doesn't have one at all at the moment. There is a pattern for one in the latest issue of Mollie Makes, but it looks like it would end up being a bit flimsy. I seem to remember seeing a patchwork quilted one somewhere along the line, and since I need to improve both those skills (I've never properly tried quilting actually) I think the cover would be a good place to start.

2) Teddy Bear Sleeping Bag. I bought this pattern from Florence just before Christmas, hoping to make some as gifts but I ran out of time. The pattern looks lovely with really clear instructions and will be another good way of improving my patchwork and quilting, not to mention using up some of my stash and being lovely presents for some of the little ones in my life.

3) Miz Mozelle Dress. As I get older (ahem) I am finding that I really don't like the clothes in the stores where I always used to go shop, and I'm not quite ready, mentally if not physically to shop in the 'old lady' shops. Since I seem to wear my favourite clothes to death, I have been looking for a pattern that is reasonably straight forward to make up into actual clothes, that I can then replicate as needed. The Miz Mozelle dress looks as if it might be that pattern. I have been looking out for dressmaking classes locally but haven't found one so I'm just going to order the pattern from Alice at Backstitch and have a go, once I have completed Florence's pattern, I don't want to add to the WIP list! (see below)

4) Table Runner. When The Pier used to have it's post-Christmas sales, we always used to buy the table runners. I don't really like to have a tablecloth in the dining room but I like a runner for adding a splash of colour and to protect the centre of the table when we're having a 'help yourself' type of meal. We're down to our last two runners now and I think that instead of hunting around for a new place to buy another I really should make one.

5) Beanbag. This was another project that never made it off the list last year. I want to make one for the children. I have patterns in both my Cath Kidston book, and also in The Liberty Book of Home Sewing, although I think I will need to increase the size of whichever I make.

Aside from actual things I want to make, some other points to add to the list are:

1) Finish W.I.P's (works in progress). A rather shameful count up of the WIP's in my knitting bag revealed no less than five. I am intending to finish some and unravel the others. Apart from the knitting, I have two quilts in progress (one started for a friend's baby - the baby is now three and a half!), three accessory covers cut, interfaced and ready to be stitched up plus a photo collage waiting to be put together. Also, a very long time ago, my Mum gave me a box of old photos that she wanted me to arrange into albums. I got halfway done. Sorry Mum.

2) Organise Crafting Space. As I mentioned in my last post, I need to overhaul my work space. I used to sew up in a corner of our attic room and it was lovely as all my materials were to hand and it didn't really matter if it wasn't too tidy as nobody ever really saw it. Now I'm in the dining room I need to be tidier and must get some more storage sorted out.

3) No New Fabric! I bought quite a bit of fabric last year, partly because I love it so much, and partly because I was trying to gauge what people would like at the fairs I did. I have used lots of it, but there is still so much left that I really can't justify buying anything new until I've worked my way through the piles. * I will just need to buy some for the Miz Mozelle dress, as it needs either a knitted or stretch fabric and I have neither.

4) Start Selling Online. I have been wanting to set up either an Etsy or Folksy shop for a while now, but my technical skills (or lack thereof) have been holding me back. I'm sure it will be fine once I actually start and I'm hoping I can do more making to order rather than making blindly trying to guess what will be the most popular at a particular event.

5) Keep Mr Magpie Happy. I have just been reminded that I promised to make curtaining to cover the attic storage eaves (about 12m wide in total, yikes!). Since he has been very supportive through this last year of me sewing much more frequently, cluttering up the house with fabric and disappearing to craft fairs on a regular basis I think this one ought to be nearer the top of the list!

I'm hoping that having put my wish list out into the public domain it will serve as a great motivational tool. Perhaps I'll review the list in December and see how I got on!

Thanks for stopping by,
Beth x


  1. Well done you for posting your list. I'm putting mine together at the's a long one... oh well hopefully by the end of the year some of it will be ticked off!

  2. Thanks Katherine. This was just my craft list. If I put down all the things I'd like to achieve this year it would run to a couple of pages at least!

  3. Great idea! I am going to start my 'crating tunes' list on paper and will post by the end of the week........normal life permitting.
    Happy New Year. X


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