Sunday, 15 January 2012

Chilling on the Prom

This afternoon my youngest announced that he wanted to ride his bike at the beach and wouldn't be fobbed off with a visit to the park. The other Magpies steadfastly refused to go out in the cold, so leaving our middle son with the two teenagers, Mr Magpie and I bravely wrapped up ourselves and the insistent youngest and duly headed off.

It was very, very cold and windy but he was determined to reach the park further down the prom.

We lasted all of ten minutes in the park before deciding to head back, this time walking into the wind. It certainly was a bracing walk, but the scenery made it a little more bearable.

For years I didn't appreciate where we live properly but I think now I have travelled more I understand how lucky we are. As much as I love the beach in the summer, I find it all the more appealing in the winter when there are fewer people around. As we walked back, the sun was just setting. We have been having some fantastic sunrises and sunsets lately.

If you look carefully, you will see that there was someone out kite surfing. I love to see a bit of dedication!

Chilly Magpies

As we were getting near to home, our funny little boy announced that we had had a 'lovely journey'. It was; I'm glad that sometimes children make you do things you wouldn't  do otherwise.

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