Monday, 3 June 2013

Granny Stripe Blanket.....Done!

I know I said I wouldn't be blogging so frequently any more, but I didn't really expect to be absent for quite so long. My apologies and grateful thanks to anybody visiting.......

Things have been busy as usual over at Magpie Towers and although there have been bits and bobs of crafting going on, not many of them have made it to the finish as yet.

With then kids back at school after half term, I am having the annual panic of thinking "S***, I've only got seven weeks in which to spring clean/redecorate/learn a new language/address monobrow,  etc. before I have NO time in which to do these things because I will be performing earth mother of the year duties keeping my little darlings fully occupied and joyously happy for almost two months".

So, this week I will be attempting to clear a backlog of little jobs whilst having a little creativity thrown in.

I thought you might like to see that I can get some things finished. Here is the blanket which I started when I first learned to crochet last March, and which I finished a few weeks ago with a fetching border....


I am really happy with this, not least because it is finally finished, but because we have already been using it for over a year, it has been washed several times and still looks and feels lovely.

The only trouble is, there have also been a few tussles over who will get to snuggle under it at night, so it is back to the crochet hook for big blanket #2.

See you in another few months?

Beth  x


  1. Lovely to see you back.
    Pretty blanket
    Julie xxxxxxx

  2. Nice to see you again. Could you possibly make it less than a few months next time?????????????

    CN x

  3. hi. that looks lovely! what are the measurements of this blanket?


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