Thursday, 18 October 2012

Changeling Shawlette

As I was on my way home from Ally Pally on Sunday I managed to cast off my changeling shawlette. I am still very slow at this and it must have been painful for my seat companion to watch as she is a very experienced knitter.

I had bought this yarn back in the summer, originally intending to make a lacy shawl with it, but I decided that the colour change of the yarn would be more suited to a denser knit. The pattern I used (found on Ravelry, link here if you are a member) is really designed for a larger needle which would result in a bigger shawl, but I knitted mine on a 3.25mm 80cm circular.

The pattern suited my limited knitting ability, although I still managed to make a few errors, particularly around the centre yarn overs as I was having trouble with my improvised stitch markers but overall I am pleased with how the yarn and the pattern went together.
Throughout the process, I was aware that the shawl would need blocking after it was knitted as this would reveal it's pattern properly. Here's how it looked before blocking:
This is a close up before blocking; you can see the garter stitch and stocking stitch sections, but not the lace pattern detail.
To block the shawl, I rinsed it in lukewarm water with a bit of gentle washing liquid added, then rinsed it and rolled it up in a towel to squeeze out as much moisture as possible. I then laid a clean towel over some foam matting and pinned out the shawl.
I found this a bit tricky as my cast off edge obviously wasn't loose enough and couldn't stretch the shawl into a proper triangular shape.
I then left the shawl to dry for a few days. This is a close up afterwards, the difference is very noticeable.

The only problem I have now is deciding how to wear it!

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Beth x

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