Wednesday, 15 August 2012

A Few Quick Makes

The rain returned to Bournemouth again this morning, so apart from making the dreaded pilgrimage to the local shoe shop to buy the youngest his first ever pair of school shoes (sob!) I have had some time to sew.

First on the list was some bean bags, ordered by the Mr for his work's sports day on Friday. I whipped these up very crudely out of some bright waterproof material I've got. There were two reasons for using this. Firstly, it's the type of material I seem to remember our school beanbags being made of and secondly, they are slippery so there can be no cheating when balancing them on the noggin; it will be necessary to walk completely upright and straight to keep them from sliding off.

Technically, these are rice bags, not bean bags. I thought that beans would make a sticky orange mess so opted for a cheap rice from the supermarket. When I was trying to decide how many kilos of rice I would need to fill four bags I tested the weight of different packs by balancing them on my head. After several funny looks from the other shoppers I did decide to enlighten them lest I be carried away by security. One helpful lady pointed out that the rice would get mushy if it got wet so I shared my plan of using waterproof material with her. Anyway, I imagine that after their outing on Friday they will be destined to live in a cupboard.

My next make is a custom order for one of my knitting friends, who requested a simple little bag that could be used by a toddler. This is what I have come up with so far.

It has been lovely sitting and stitching for a few hours, hopefully I will get some more making time in the next few days before Mr Magpie takes a well-earned week off and the Magpie cousins come to stay.

Thanks for stopping by,

Beth x

p.s. I am joking about the beans. Just to clarify.


  1. I love your blog too, thanks for finding me so I could find you. The "beanz" bag has me ROTFLOL, loving all your inspitration and tutorials, I have done very little sewing recently, must rectify that. Lucy's inspiration is fabulous isn't it? Fiona (KnitKnatKnotUK)

  2. Forgot to say, down with the blooming weather, was supposed to be not that bad today and we had another monsoon like downpour. F x

  3. Hi I've just come across your lovely blog. I like the idea of wandering around with bags of rice on your head. Hehe.

  4. I love your bag and rice should be worn on the head I think-- anything else is a fashion understatement:)

  5. LOL you crazy lady!! You could have just bought a really big bag and used the leftover rice for dinners??? :D Love the little bag, completely cute!! :) x


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