Thursday, 19 April 2012

This Week in the Nest

Finally the littlest Magpie has recovered from all his mishaps and we had a great time yesterday celebrating his birthday. As you can see, cake decorating is not one of my talents, although I can confirm that it tasted delicious and was speedily devoured by the clan.

Another little one in the family is having her birthday next week. so today I have been stitching up a teddy bear sleeping bag (designed by Florence), like the one I made one for her sister in February. This time I used another Annela Hoey fabric, from her new range 'A Walk in the Woods'. I love this fabric, and treated myself to a very restrained three half-metres from Alice at Backstitch.

Since writing the last post about my blanket, I have added another half-dozen or so rows, including my rainbow section. Work on this has got to slow down now though so you won't be seeing it again for a while.

This new granny square has taken the place of the blanket. the idea is to turn it into a cushion, along with the two other fronts already made, as these can be sold at Larmer Tree. This way I get my crocheting fix without the guilt that I am not making stuff to sell. Perfect!

I know I mentioned that I went to Ikea a few weeks ago, but I didn't show you any pictures of the fabric I bought. Ikea fabric really is great value for money, especially from the children's department. These fabrics work out at £2 per metre and they are really popular with my customers.

  The idea is to turn these into more drawstring wash bags like the ones below.

I have also been busily cutting out felt shapes to turn into brooches. At last year's craft fairs I sold pretty much every one I made, the bird design in particular was a big hit so I am planning on sewing lots of these to take with me to the festival. I'm not sure that the photo does the colours justice, but please can I have your thoughts on the colour combinations?

Well, I had better be off to feed the family. I'm hoping to go to Stitch and Bitch tonight as it seems like it's been ages since I went to a knitting group and I'm really missing it. Pop back next week for some finished brooches and that look around the craft room I've been promising!

Thanks for stopping by,
Beth x


  1. I lOve how your crochet blanket is coming on! The colOurs of the brooches look great, love the little apples :)

    Sorry bout my typing - phone playing up!!

  2. Oh my goodness, you've been SO busy!!Your blanket is gorgeous, we had one like this when I was a's nice how all these things are coming back!

    Thanks for the heads up, i didn't know IKEA had a kids fabric section! will pop by and have a look.

    PS...i'm so jealous of your crochet granny square! I want to be able to do this but i seem to be only able to make circles :-(

    Bet you're next craft fair will be a huge success! and i agree with sew ray me - the apples are fab x

    1. I only found the kids fabric on my fourth trip for fabric! They have just re-arranged the other fabrics in the Southampton store and seem to have lots of new ones in, I bought some others I'll show pics of later.

      Keep practising the crochet - if I can do it I'm sure anyone can!


  3. Wow you've been busy! Happy Birthday to your little guy, his cake looks delicious! Love the apple and bird brooches and yes I'm still drooling over your blanket!I was going to pick some of that hedgehog fabric up from Ikea today but didn't, really regretting that decision now! :S


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